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The Takshashila Public Model School , with its unique location, is a notably different residential school. Located atop the magnificent Naugaon (Dauriya).

Takshasila Public Model School established in 2000, Located atop the magnificent Naugaon (Dauriya). it has the city below and the hills across. A casual glance out of a classroom window may well find eyes rest on an Nature. Takshasila Public Model School is a co-educational school. It is a Secondary School with Classes from Nursery to X, affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The school has successfully completed 16 years in the field of education progressing by leaps and bounds.

Takshasila Public Model School has always laid strength on the holistic development of the child and empowers the students to meet the challenges of life. The school developed students physically, emotionally & intellectually. It also enriches the students in general intellectual abilities, attitudes, technical thinking & problem solving abilities and aptitude for performing arts.

Our Vision

Our vision is to increase performance quality in the field of education, provides a perfect learning environment and an education model that is imperative in today life.

Our Mission

To empower the poor and the marginalized in the society through weekly literacy programme for the hearing empaired and children of slums.We strive to create an environment which generates thirst for learning by upgrading weaker students through remedial classes.

हमारे प्रेरणा स्रोत

Swami vivekanand  rajiv  anna
 स्वामी विवेकानंद राजीव भाई दीक्षित  अन्ना हजारे