Takshashila Public Model School

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Affiliation:Affiliated To C.B.S.E. Affiliation No: 1030352 School Code: 14213


Evaluation Criteria

(A) Classes I – II

    1.  Students performance is evaluated according to the CCE pattern. Each term will include three Assessments.

(B) Classes III – X

    1.  Students performance is evaluated according to the CCE pattern. Each Semester will include two Formative (FA) and one Summative (SA) Assessment.
    2.  Each FA would be based on at least two different evaluation tool or techniques.
    3.  SAs will be in the form of pen-paper test.
    4.  Class X students have to attend the Board conducted SA2. A Pre-Board examination will be conducted in the month of January/February.
    5.  Students of Class IX-X will be graded for their Speaking and Listening skills in English twice a year.
    6.  Class IX and X students will have to score atleast 25% marks in SAs (SA1+SA2) to qualify for the next higher class.

(C) Classes XI – XII

  1.  Students performance will be assessed through the Quarterly Exam, Half-Yearly Exam, Annual Exam (Class XI) / Pre-Board Exam (Class XII)
  2.  It is mandatory for Class XI students to appear for their Speaking and Listening skills in English.
  3.  For promotion in Class XI, a student has to obtain a clear pass in each subject i.e. 33%. For practical based subjects student must obtain 33% in Theory individually.
Promotion Policy
  1. Besides the various Formative and Summative assessments during the year, report on conduct, application and progress and attendance are furnished from time to time to the parents/ guardians to keep them informed about the performance of their children in School.
  2. Student’s progress will be assessed through the CCE where weightage is specified for each assessment. A cumulative score out of 100 is calculated out of the FAs and SAs.
  3. Attendance in every assessment is mandatory for promotion to the next higher class.
  4. If a pupil does not have seventy-five percent of attendance she will not be considered for promotion.
  5. A student failing to be promoted may be advised to leave the School. A student who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue her studies in the School. No pass TC will be issued.
  6. A student found copying or using unfair means will be awarded zero marks and will be re-examined.
  7. A student who fails to be promoted shall thereby forfeit for the ensuing year any concession in the fees and may be advised to leave the school, particularly if her conduct has not been satisfactory.
  8. Good conduct, regularity and punctuality in attendance and a sense of responsibility, are essential requisites for promotion.
  9. Before appearing for a public examination class XII candidates are required to appear for the preliminary examination held in the School.
  10. For sufficient reason such as serious misconduct, dishonesty, non-payment of fees, or less than 75% attendance a pupil’s name may be withdrawn from the list of candidates, even after she has passed the Preliminary Examinations in Std XII.